The Benefits Of Using Web Icons

Most people are already familiar with the phrase “ A picture is worth a thousand words”. The same rule applies to web, app, and software designs. People recognize brand icons much faster than text and are more likely to look at your offerings if they recognize your label. In terms of web design and app development, there are many benefits that are offered by utilizing visual elements. Here we will take a look at the benefits offered by these icons, and where you can locate them online.

Brand Appearance

The very first benefit to having an icon for your website or app is that it will give your company a brand appearance. Everyone can identify major brands by their icons; whether it is golden arches or a bucking mustang. If you get free icon from a service such as, then you will have the ability to put a logo on your business or website that people will instantly associate with your product or business.

Selling Your Service

Another benefit that is offered by using a free web icon site like is that you can communicate the type of service or product that you represent in any language. For example, if you use a free web icon service and choose a logo that has a travelling envelope, people will understand that your app or product will facilitate communication. This could be used for an app that tracks mail or a package delivery service. The bottom line is that a web icon from will show your users what they are getting instantly, and help to put your name on the tip of their tongue for services or recommendations.

Free Marketing

Once you have used a free icon service to establish a logo, anywhere that it pops up in the public realm with serve as a way to direct people to your business. In a sense, you will have free advertising just from people looking at your icon if it appears in an open domain. This will allow your app, business, or website to appear in one’s conscious line of thinking, which could bring in more sales and opportunities.

For example, if someone is using to look for their own logo and see the one that you use for a business service that their friend needs, then they will associate the picture with your product. These are just some of the reasons that you should use a free web icon service to update your product or app for the modern market.